The Good Fight

Did you ever listen to Al Franken’s radio show on Air America?

If you liked it—or if you like satire, progressive politics, and activism—then you’re going to love the new podcast I’m launching today in partnership

It’s called “The Good Fight,” and you can check it out now in iTunes or on our website. The first episode features Senator Franken himself, plus updates on progressive fights across the country and an interview about Obamacare, with legendary activist Heather Booth, that will leave you cheering. Just listen to the first two minutes—and if you like it, subscribe and post a review.

Click here to listen to the podcast in iTunes!

Ben and Al Franken

Or click here to check out the first episode on the website of “The Good Fight.”

Some quick background: way before Senator Franken first ran for office, I was a writer and producer for his radio show and worked with him on books, including Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, a Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. Before that, when I was in high school and college, I wrote headlines and articles for The Onion. Throughout my life, I’ve been a progressive activist, working in the U.S. and around the world on elections and issues like climate change, human rights, and media reform. But ever since The Al Franken Show went off the air, I’ve wished that there was something like it.

This first episode gives you a taste of what you’ll hear in future ones. In particular, we’re dedicated to providing the behind-the-slingshot point of view on David versus Goliath battles for a positive change. That means we don’t just talk to pundits—we interview people who are actually making a difference, from unsung grassroots heroes to U.S. senators, about how they’ve won their fights. It’s a perspective you won’t find anywhere else. Give it a shot.

Click here to check out “The Good Fight” on iTunes! Listen, subscribe, and review!

Again: totally up to you. But you might enjoy subscribing to the show, and reviewing it.

Or click here to check out the show online!

I’ve been a MoveOn member for more than a decade, and I know the power of our community to redefine what’s possible. The stories we tell, and the heroes we choose, wind up defining who we are. So it’s an honor to get the chance to work with you to tell the stories that reflect our best selves—the stories of our brothers and sisters who are fighting the good fight.

Thanks for all you do.


The Good<br /> Fight

P.S. Has Obamacare made a positive difference in your life? Share your story. On an upcoming episode, we’ll play voice mails from folks who’ve benefited from some of the many reforms that, although you rarely hear about it in the press, are actually improving people’s lives already. To leave your story, just call us at 785-20-VOICE. That’s 785-208-6423. Thanks!

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