Nov 22 – Socially Provocative Theatre – “Mercy Killers”

Michael Milligan brings his one-man play to San Diego on Friday, November 22. “Mercy Killers” transcends party politics to bring the real cost of a fatally damaged health care system sharply into perspective. This production has been touring the U.S. to inspire discussion of healthcare reform. This is his one and only performance in San Diego, and the play will be followed by a panel discussion with the actor and others in the healthcare community. Presented by Campaign for a Healthy California. Seats are limited, so please reserve now, and spread the word!

Friday, November 22, 2013 7:00 PM

First Unitarian Universalist Church, Bard Hall
4190 Front Street, San Diego CA 92103

$10.00 donation per seat

Limited seating, reserve your tickets today.

If you cannot attend please consider making a donation to sponsor others and support the work of healthcare reform.

To reserve your seats contact us!

Call Dawn at 619-421-0985

Mail a check payable to Campaign for a Healthy California and mail to:

CNA/Mercy Killers
3160 Camino del Rio South #305, San Diego, CA 92108

“In one spellbinding hour, Milligan manages to spotlight what is wrong with our health care system: capricious coverage, error-prone treatments, and unreasonable costs that ultimately affect us all.”
– Jacqueline H. Wolf, Department Chair, Department of Social Medicine, Ohio University

“Raw, emotional, and devastatingly honest. Broadway actor Michael Milligan’s solo show gives an insight into the destructive personal impact of the American healthcare system. It makes public the private stories of thousands of Americans and shows an urgent need for change in a system failing so many. His performance is incredibly powerful and passionate, sweeping the audience up in Joe’s story; making them laugh sometimes and bringing them to the edge of tears at others. Milligan has written a beautifully moving and thought-provoking piece . . . ”
– Anita Magee, ThreeWeeks

At the centre of Michael Milligan‘s one man show is not just a searing indictment of the U.S. healthcare system but also a surprisingly tender love story. It is a combination perfectly judged to affect the audience, to break through prejudices and politics straight to the core of a very real problem.

Joe is a patriotic, conservative, hard-working small business owner. He believes that the system will take care of him as long as he plays by the rules, something he has done for his entire life. But when his wife falls ill, he learns the hard way just how damaged that system really is. Milligan has created a noble character in Joe, a man who seems bemused by this tragedy and is still fighting to uphold his moral code.

For more information about Mercy Killers, visit

For more information at Campaign for a Healthy California, visit

See you there!
Terry Bunting
Labor Representative — California Nurses Association — National Nurses United
ofc: 619-516-4917×3601; fax: 619-516-4922;

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