Nov 23 – Have You Considered Becoming A Judge Or A Politician?

JudgeIn 2012, Gary Kreep, an extreme right wing. self proclaimed “birther,” was elected to the San Diego Superior Court, because Democrats were caught off guard and the electorate was ill informed. We must not let this happen again.

CDC, CDP (Region 20), and Professional Democrats of San Diego have teamed up to sponsor a legal seminar for members of the legal profession considering political office or judgeship.

Saturday, November 23, 2013
9:00 AM- 10:30 AM
Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Rm 225, San Diego

SPEAKERS: Hon. Dwayne K. Moring (Superior Court Judge); Hon. Olga Diaz (Deputy Mayor of the City of Escondido; Myrtle Cole, San Diego Councilmember; Kimberley Beatty, Board Member, Poway Unified School District; Richard Duquette, Attorney at Law, 76 Ad Delegate & Central Committee Member; and Hon. Octavio Aguilar (Administrative Law Judge, Retired)

PROGRAM: The issues of diversity, fund raising and hiring a qualified campaign treasurer along with the ethical obligations needed to run a winning campaign for Judge or political office will be covered in this informative seminar.

RSVP: Call (858-270-8511) or e-mail <> Rogelio (Roger) Quesada, President Democratic Professional Club

SPECIAL CREDIT TO: Michael McQuary, Statewide Secretary and San Diego Area Regional Vice President of the California Democratic Council; William Lerach; Richard L. Duquette, Esq.; William L. Halsey, Esq.; Steve Rivera California Democratic Party Regional Director, Region 20; and Marjorie Cohn, Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

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