Honesty Is Alive on Sunset Cliffs

OB RagFrom the OB Rag

A narrative by a resident of Sunset Cliffs:

As we were walking our dogs yesterday morning in the cold and wind, a beautiful mom with her 8 year old son walked up to us and asked if we knew what she should do with a note and cash that she had found.

It seems that the wind must have blown it away from its rightful owner. The mom – Nicole – and her son then entrusted me to try to find the owner of the note and money. After all, they blew away from somewhere and from somebody. She and I talked and decided if I could not find the owner, the money will be donated to my church.

I told her that I find it rare that someone would try to find the owner of the lost money on any day, and particularly a day as windy, rainy and cold as today was. Nicole smiled and holding her son’s hand walked to the cliffs to enjoy the rest of the morning.

So … our resident on Sunset Cliffs has a note with a bit of money looking for its owner. If you, or anyone you know has lost some money, and can identify the notes that were attached to the cash, please call me at (619) 994-4977 and you will be connected with the Sunset Cliffs resident. She will hold the money for a month before donating it.

Thanks to club member, and OB Rag contributor Judi Curry for forwarding this article.

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