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Sep 12 – League of Women Voters – Ocean Beach Meeting – Mental Health

League of Women VotersThe League of Women Voters will be holding their first meeting after a summer break since their inaugural meeting in Ocean Beach in May.

September 12, from 10:30am-12pm

Point Loma Library, 3701 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107

They will be discussing Mental Heatlh.

Massacres by mentally unstable shooters have focused attention on the inadequacies of the U.S. mental health care system in which less than half of the seriously ill can get treatment. How good is San Diego County’s Mental Health System and what needs to be done to improve it? The LWVSD will be looking at this question and the League’s County Mental Health position created in 1997 in order to have a serious and informative discussion on what the County is doing or not doing. What is Laura’s Law and the connections between mental illness, alcohol and drug use and violence. Be sure to attend our September Unit meeting on this timely and important topic.

Meetings are open to the public, men and women. The League is  a non-partisan group, so bring your friends as well.

Shirley WalkoeNancy Witt  Co-Chairpersons


  1. Leona Levy says

    The following was sent to me by Dr. Gloria Harris

    Alfredo Aguirre, San Diego County’s Director of Behavioral Health, (supported by the County Board of Supervisors) is unwilling to implement Laura’s Law in our county until: 1. There is a decision made by the state assembly’s appropriation committee to allow Mental Health Services Act money to fund additional expenses associated with implementing the law; 2. The law is amended to include consequences for non-compliance of a court order requiring a consumer to take his/her meds. Consequently, Laura’s Law is currently “in deep freeze” in our county. I do not plan to attend the meeting.


    • Leona, very sorry to read this. It appears it’s a way out for the county to not get involved in spending the funds they have which is a shame. Please contact me
      at to talk further. Thanks for this information.
      Nancy Witt


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