North County Democrats Raise $23K for Diaz

Esther Sanchez and Olga Diaz at the North Area Dems fund raiser. (Héctor Ericksen-Mendoza photo)
Esther Sanchez and Olga Diaz at the North Area Dems fund raiser. (Héctor Ericksen-Mendoza photo)

North County Democrats and Republicans turned out to support Olga Diaz at a fundraiser held on Aug 24 in Oceanside.

Around $23,000 was raised from over 100 supporters who gathered at the Marriott Courtyard event.

The Chair of the Democratic Party North Area, Esther Sanchez served as the host of the gathering. “I would love to see her be the next mayor because she is really, really good on the issues,” Sanchez said. “She has a balanced vision for all of Escondido. It simply makes good business sense to elect her. She truly believes in her community.”

Mark Skok, VP for Political Action at the Escondido Democratic Club reported on their website

Crystal Crawford, former Mayor of Del Mar, said it was exciting to have Diaz do this fundraiser on the coast.

Xavier Martinez, a CPA from San Marcos who has long been active with the Democratic Party, said he is supporting Diaz because she represents all of Escondido’s diverse demographics. “You need someone who can reach out to everyone,” he said.

In comments she made to the group, Diaz noted her surprise, when she first came to Escondido, at the level of conservatism in the city. She stressed the importance of cultivating a broad base of support.

“When Olga gets elected, it will make a huge difference in North San Diego County,” said Phil Hanneman, Director of Region 18 for the California Democratic Party. “And I’m saying when – not if. She will be elected. She’s smart, she’s fast on her feet, she speaks very well, and she handles herself in a professional manner. You don’t often get that in a package, but you do with her – she is a complete package.”

Other former and current elected officials who attended included Teresa Barth, Encinitas City Council; Zack Beck, Oceanside City Clerk; Cody Campbell, Vista City Council; Jerry Harmon, former Escondido Mayor; Lesa Heebner, Solana Beach City Council; Tony Kranz, Encinitas City Council; Charles Lowery, former Oceanside City Council member; Don Mosier, Del Mar City Council; Lisa Shaffer, Encinitas City Council; and Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood.

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