‘Medicare for All’ would cover everyone, save billions in first year: new study

A successful launch of Obamacare in California this October will pave the way for a single-payer health plan. That’s why it’s imperative to educate our family, neighbors and friends on the Affordable Care Act. The cost of not doing so, will be unimaginable.

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Medicare for All’ would cover everyone, save billions in first year: new study Economist says Canadian-style, single-payer health plan would reap huge savings from reduced paperwork and from negotiated drug prices, enough to pay for quality coverage for all – at less cost to families and businesses

Upgrading the nation’s Medicare program and expanding it to cover people of all ages would yield more than a half-trillion dollars in efficiency savings in its first year of operation, enough to pay for high-quality, comprehensive health benefits for all residents of the United States at a lower cost to most individuals, families and businesses.

That’s the chief finding of a new fiscal study by Gerald Friedman, a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. There would even be money left over to help pay down…

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