How You Can Support Bob Filner, America’s Finest Mayor

Mayor Bob Filner

Mayor Bob Filner
America’s Finest Mayor

Last November we helped elect the most progressive mayor in San Diego history. Within just a few months Bob Filner has demonstrated that he deserves the title of America’s Finest Mayor. He supports the needs of regular working people, not the interests of the elite. He fights for civil rights for Californians, against unjust Federal law enforcement. He is empowering neighborhoods, not just the downtown district. He’s been chosen to represent the U.S. in the group Border Mayors to strengthen the whole region, north and south of the border. But helping to get Bob elected is not enough, we have to do more.

When the mayor stands up to the powerful interests who have run this city for the last 50 years, the Mayor is constantly attacked. Not by the people who elected him, but by the special interest groups who wanted their lackey, their pawn, to be Mayor. These groups actively try to hamper his policy decisions at every turn. We must push back and be heard. Show that we have Bob’s back.

For many years there was one dominant news source in the city, the UNION Tribune newspaper. It helped to promote and maintain a certain, limited ‘view’. An outlook that favored the wealthy, the elite, the 1%. But times have changed. The newspaper is in decline, people turn to TV, radio and online sources for news. Many of these new sources, as well as the UNION T, solicit feedback, comments from their readers. You don’t have to subscribe to the various publications to voice an opinion, to demonstrate that you support Bob. All you have to do is post a comment, or give a thumbs up, or click an Up arrow.

We’ve formed an Action Committee, chaired by Barbara Houlton, to increase support and to educate members on how to amplify our voice. Writing letters to the editor is encouraged. But starting from a blank page can be intimidating, so we’ll be posting templates on this site that you can adapt and use.

San Diegans for Mayor Bob FilnerIf you use Facebook, you should check out San Diegans for Mayor Bob Filner and Like their page. Whenever you see a story about Bob that you agree with, give a Like or post a supportive comment. If you use Twitter you can follow @4MayorBobFilner and retweet messages that you support.

We can, and must, counteract the negative comments from the UNION T, and the misleading headlines from the Voice of San Diego. If you’re unsure how to get online to do this, we’ll be arranging some short (30-60 minute) training sessions over the summer. Just let us know when you’d prefer to meet up.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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