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Great Support for Gun Safety Rally in Mission Bay Park

Attendees marched over Clairemont Drive overpass
 just before 6pm April 30 to ask for stricter gun safety laws!
Many of the cars and trucks on the busy I-5 South honked their appreciation.

Protect children, not guns!
What do we want? Background checks. When do we want them? Now!

Attendees then marched back to Mission Bay Park where Rhoda Quate of Organizing for Action introduced several speakers:

Sue TaylorBrady Campaign
Francine Busby – Run Women Run
Reverend David Miller – Minister Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito
Reverend Hugh Mohammed – Minister and Advocate of Gun Violence Reduction

To wrap up the rally Danny Gindling performed his song The Same Gun Show that you can listen to here. covered the event and interviewed Rhoda Quate, “Our motto here is protect kids, not guns, and that being that the laws currently have loopholes such that guns seem to be the ones being protected as far as criminal access to them.”

KFMB Online coverage

CBS8 News

KUSI Channel 9

KFMB Channel 8 TV

XETV Channel 6

Channel 10 TV

There were a few (3 or 4) anti-rally protestors in attendance.

Many thanks to the San Diego Police whose presence helped ensure the event passed off safely and to San Diego Police Chief Willam Lansdown who supports calls for improved gun safety – “Stricter back round checks, a ban on assault weapons, and a data base that tracks guns, needs to be the starting point,” he said. “My officers should never be out gunned, but sometimes that’s the sad realty.”


  1. sbpeinado says

    Really good write up. I’m always impressed by you.


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  2. We thank all the supporters of the “gun control” laws that we write 100% of, that do absolutely nothing but keep us safe from our disarmed and defenseless innocent victims. The Newspeak dictionary we publish is doubleplusgood.


  3. Damian says

    To all the protesters at this event:

    You realize that as California residents, we already have universal background checks, right? So, basically your protest was in response to legislation that already exists in your state. This is the root of the problem; ignorance! The “Brady Bunch” has no idea what laws are in effect, and which laws are not. “Assault Weapons” are already banned here too, (which hasn’t stopped one iota of crime, by the way).


    • Thanks to the excellent speakers at the Gun Safety Rally event I think most of the supporters present are aware of the existing legislation both in California, and nationally. They are also aware of the loopholes that are present in the existing legislation. The rally was inspired by recent Senate votes on the proposed bi-partisan legislation proposed by Manchin (D-WV) & Toomey (R-PA) and that by Californian Senator Feinstein (D-CA).

      How do you measure crimes that have not occurred as a result of existing background checks? Of the over 700,000 failed purchases that were denied by background checks, if just one of these prevented a crime being committed, a child not being killed, is that worth marching for?


      • Damian says

        So, why a protest in San Diego? Maybe you should take this show on the road, to places that don’t ALREADY HAVE the legislation you are protesting for. Go to Las Vegas, or Phoenix; or are you afraid you might be confronted by the opposition? No one in this state cares, because we already have universal background checks.

        And let’s be clear: The “Brady Bunch” is not going to stop at background checks. In California, they have banned assault weapons 3 times (a testament to the ignorance and ineptitude of the California state assembly). Now, they are banning “bullet buttons” (a 4th “assault weapons” ban), they banned .50 BMG rifles (even though a crime has never been committed with one), and Los Angeles County refuses to issue a Concealed Carry Permit to me, despite the fact that I have never committed a crime, and I served my country for 6 years in the US Air Force. You people will not stop until every gun is banned. Mark my words: In 5 years or less, the “gun grabbers” will consider my deer rifle an “evil sniper rifle”, and seek to ban that too. As a result, I support California based civil rights groups that support the right to defend myself.

        This is not a partisan issue of Left vs. Right. This is an issue of Right vs. Wrong. We even have a gay 2nd Amendment group now, who’s motto is “armed gays don’t get bashed.” If you look at the areas with the most gun control, like Chicago, Detroit, New York, etc., you will find that those areas have the highest crime rates. So, thanks Brady Campaign for putting us all at risk, and using the deaths of innocent children to do so. Very classy!!!


      • You claim that “no one in this state cares”, I assert that there are 53 congressional representatives (and 2 senators) in California who care, and who get to draft and then vote on national legislation. In a representative democracy, we the people get to tell them what to do. We hold rallies, we take photos, we write, we enter into discussions like this, and we vote.

        You’re correct that this is not a Right or Left issue. Most of the amendments in the Bill of Rights have been restricted, often by conservatives. “Time, place, and manner” restrictions exist on free speech, why not on the recreational use of firearms?


  4. Holly says

    The Brady Campaign is fully aware of California laws. The rally was not about California law; it was about federal law. This exact question was addressed in the clip of the interview they aired on television.
    Gun shows in most states outside of California do not require background checks for private sales, as you know. This is a loophole for criminals to acquire guns. No matter what state you live in, that should be of concern to you. Even if only a small fraction of guns are acquired by criminals via this loophole, why not close it?


    • Damian says

      Two points: 1) The Brady Campaign is worse than the NRA (of which I am not a member, by the way). The “Brady Bunch” manipulates statistics, and flat-out lies to people about the facts. They include incidents where police shoot criminals as “gun related deaths”, they include incidents when homeowners defended their lives legally with guns as the same, and they even include incidents of suicide. They are lying to you!

      2) There is no such thing as a “loophole”. That is a term used by politicians who have written bad legislation, and then want to shift the blame for their own incompetence. There is only “the law” as it applies equally to everyone. Furthermore, if someone from California were to travel to another state to purchase a firearms, once they brought it back, they would have committed a crime. In short, you’re preaching to the choir! Take your protest to Phoenix next time…


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