Nancy Witt 
- Volunteer of the Year!

Nancy Witt

Nancy Witt
Nancy Witt

As many of you already know, Nancy Witt has been named San Diego County Democratic Party Volunteer of the Year!

Nancy will be officially honored at the Roosevelt Dinner “Painting The Town Blue” on May 4th. We hope that everyone will attend to help celebrate!

Nancy was raised in Wisconsin, the fifth eldest of twelve children. Her mother was a great organizer with boundless energy and Nancy remembers being trained to sell raspberries from their farm, door-to-door to neighbors at the age of six – so her canvassing skills were developed at an early age!

After college in Wisconsin Nancy started work with the Social Security Administration in South Bend, Indiana. She and her first husband moved from the cold Midwest to sunny San Diego in 1971.

While she was working as a federal employee she could not fully participate in political activity under the rules of the Hatch Act. President Clinton was the first to authorize that federal employees could join political clubs (but still only run for non-partisan elected positions).

Nancy & Stewart discovered the Point Loma Democratic Club in the early 1990s and became active members.

In those years the club met in the homes of members, Robert DeVries estimates that Nancy and Stew hosted 40% of the meetings.

Nancy and Stewart also turned out several times for the club at the Del Mar Fair together with other club members Gloria Johnson, Robert DeVries, Louise Fahey, Mary Little, Paul & Nancy Shank, Edith Kaspin, Dan Morales, Stephen Wax & Laurie Price, and others – and one year Nancy and Stew were still there at midnight!

Nancy has served in various roles for the club over the years:

  • 1995-1996 Newsletter Editor
  • 1996-1999 Vice President of the Club
  • 1999-2001 First term as Club President
  • 2001-2005 Vice President of the Club
  • 2005 E-Board member at large
  • 2006-present GO Team Coordinator
  • 2005-2009 Second term as Club President
  • 2013-present E-Board Liaison GO Team

As well as volunteering in the San Diego County Democratic Headquarters’ Office, Nancy is secretary of the League of Women Voters San Diego.

As our club increased to 88 members, meeting in homes became impractical and in mid-2007 the club started meeting in the Peninsula Community Room on Sports Arena Blvd. Nancy later negotiated our current meeting location at the Point Loma Assembly in January 2009.

Nancy’s encouragement resulted in our involvement in the OB Holiday Parade starting in December 2007.

Nancy was one of the first Community Coordinators for the Grass Roots Organizing Team (GO Team) with the vision to build strong and lasting connections with neighbors and friends in each precinct. Nancy has built & nurtured a team of 28 active Precinct Leaders in Point Loma who canvassed in the last election. The GO Team was instrumental in election victories for Democrats in San Diego County in 2012.

Nancy has been a monthly contributor to the DEM Program since it started in 2007.

Nancy has also been one of the best recruiters for the club and many of us can thank her personally for introducing us to this group of progressive Democrats that we call the Point Loma Democratic Club.

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