Timely Email Under Your Control

Email NewsletterDuring 2013 the Club hopes to increase timely email communications but in a manner that members control.

In the last 12 months the email newsletter has expanded to include not only a Calendar of Events and News items, but Opinion pieces from members, links to popular Videos available online, Books, Movies, TV reviews, Issues of importance to members, analysis of election results, and the occasional political cartoon.

Until recently the email version of the newsletter was sent out at the same time as the paper copy, around the start of each month. Some members have requested the Club send information on upcoming Events as soon as it is available (especially important for breaking news events: supporting the Mayor, lobbying the City Council, attending a rally) while other members want to restrict the number of emails they receive.

The proposed solution gives you the option of controlling how you receive communications: instantly, once per day, once per week, or just via the existing newsletter.

You’ll receive an email message asking if you want to Follow The Point Loma Democratic Club please Confirm Follow and then Modify your Subscription Options accordingly.

FollowPLDCIf you just want to receive the email newsletter, and don’t want to receive more timely messages, then please ignore the message when it arrives.

The Club will first contact the more engaged members (to Beta test how well the new scheme is working) before messaging all members, so please be patient waiting for your message to arrive. If for some reason you don’t receive a message in the next few weeks you can always signup for the new, faster, better communications from the bottom right hand side of the website marked – Follow Us via Email.

As well as the email version of the newsletter, by request a PDF version is available from the website that is better suited for printing. It doesn’t have all of the hyperlinks and color of the email version, but it’s in the same format as the paper version that is produced for those members without access to email. We’ll also be distributing this version at our monthly meetings.

Over the last 12 months the circulation of the newsletter has increased fourfold, which is great, but there are still improvements that can be made. If there are more subjects that you’d like us to cover, other changes you want to see made, or articles that you’d like to contribute, please email or speak up at the next meeting.

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