Mar 17 – St. Patrick’s Day Party in support of Lorena Gonzalez

Lorena Gonzalez

Co-hosted by Pam Slater Price, Barbara Bry, Francine Busby, Crystal Crawford, Marco Gonzalez, Gayl Jaaskelainen, Sara Wan, and Run Women Run.


  1. From Susan: Mike, John and I went today and had a great time. Thanks to Francine for opening her beautiful house with the wonderful hill in the back to climb. Crystal Crawford was an accomplished bartender, delightful. The Mayor of Oceanside, Jim Wood, is a Republican but totally supports Lorena. So he’s exceptionally cool.

    It was interesting to be able to hear someone, not yet a candidate, discuss how she decided to run and why. Lorena supports progressive goals toward labor, health care, among others, so when she does announce, we need to support her campaign.

    And to meet the legendary Pam Slater Price was a thrill for me, personally. I’ve always admired her but from a distance.

    The day was worth the drive all the way to Encinitas. Thanks, everyone.


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