Greetings From Our New Prez!

Susan Peinado

Susan PeinadoIt is with much humility that I step into the shoes of the inimitable Ruth Rollins, as your new Point Loma Democratic Club president. She’s going to be a very tough act to follow.

It’s been fortunate that I’ve been following Ruth around for the last six months in her special training program for deer-in-the-headlights greenhorns. Your newly elected club officers have been working hard to hammer out a team approach to the running of your club because it belongs to all of us. Let us know what you like, when we do something you like, and let us know what you don’t like. We need to hear from you.

We also need to have the stragglers pay up on their dues. It’s an indication of how well we’re doing and the value that we bring to you. We’re all volunteers so encourage us and give us a pat on the back by picking up your pen, writing out that check and mailing it to:

The Point Loma Democratic Club
PO Box 7802
San Diego, CA 92167

See you at the next meeting!


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