Mar 10 – Phone Bank This Sunday – on Gun Violence Reduction‏

Phone Bank

Vigil Gun SafetyIf you would like to see a ban on assault-style weapons in our society and universal background checks for gun purchasers, please read on.

We are organizing a Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence in Encinitas on March 16, 2013. These vigil events are lovely, by the way, with speakers and music.

News media is expected to be present (!) so we need to have a big turn-out for this event in order to show how strong public support is for sensible gun safety laws in our society to help reduce deaths from gun violence.

The best way to create big turn-out is by one-on-one contact over the phone, inviting people to attend.

So please come to our phone bank this Sunday March 10 to help us make calls to recruit for our vigil because: “They Deserve a Vote!”

Event: Phone Bank
Location: Rhoda’s House, 3170 Chicago St, San Diego, CA 92117
Date: Sunday 3/10/2013
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm
RSVP here

Also be sure to put the evening of 3/16/2013 on your calendar for our Vigil in Encinitas!
(You may sign up for the Vigil in advance here.)

Thank you for your support on this issue!

Rhoda Quate
Neighborhood Team Leader
Clairemont/UTC/La Jolla
Organizing for Action (OFA)
Formerly Obama for America

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