San Diego Democratic Women’s Club Student Scholarship 2013

Pat Washington

Pat Washington
Pat Washington

The San Diego Democratic Women’s Club is proud to announce its Eighth Annual SDDWC Student Scholarship Award in honor of President Emeritus Verna King. The scholarship was created in 2006 to honor our President Emeritus, Ms. Verna King, for over sixty years of community engagement as an educator, political activist and proponent of women’s advancement in all areas of life. In the spirit of Ms. King’s contributions in the areas of education, politics, and community service, the SDDWC Student Scholarship is designed to further the educational opportunities of a qualified graduating woman high school senior, or (in the event there are no qualified high school senior submissions) currently enrolled woman college student, who, among other eligibility requirements:

  1. is a resident of San Diego County
  2. is actively applying to attend an institution of higher education or vocational training upon graduation from high school or is already enrolled in a college or university (confirmation of enrollment is required to receive scholarship monies)
  3. has a demonstrated commitment to increasing women’s political involvement and participation
  4. is in need of financial assistance

One thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student from the San Diego County area. In conjunction with this monetary award, the scholarship recipient will also be recognized at the San Diego Democratic “Painting the Town Blue” Dinner on May 4, 2013.

For students to be considered for the 2013 SDDWC Student Scholarship Award in honor of President Emeritus Verna King, completed applications must be returned no later than midnight April 5, 2013.

Application form, eligibility requirements, and more details are available here (download PDF).
Pat Washington, PhD
President, San Diego Democratic Women’s Club

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