Mar 2 – Pacific Beach Democratic Club Meeting – America’s World Service Corps

Castle Grounds
Castle Grounds (Photo credit: savemejebus)

Find out whether E Pluribus Unum is relevant in today’s world.

Concerned about climate change, educational inequality, unemployment, widening income gap, cultural ignorance, dumbed-down electorate, growing greed, softening character, increased domestic and international needs, re-emerging poverty, war as the answer…?

Do you think spending $1 million dollars per Star Trek looking soldier during this looming era of perpetual “conflict” is inculcating us with monetary insanity and economic Armageddon?

Tired of seeing our soldiers and Marines worn out, burdened by lost limbs, and loaded with PTSD thanks to wars based on fear and ignorance that breed the alarming numbers who despise us enough to be stealth warriors?

Wonder if there is enough concern, initiative, and vision in Congress to legislate and in the Executive Branch to enact answers to today’s problems?

Might you be interested in assessing some simple, cost effective, common sense based, citizen-initiated congressional legislation that answers these and next generation problems?

If so, bring a friend to the Pacific Beach Democratic Club meeting of March 2nd and learn about the Congressional Proposal to create America’s World Service Corps.

And if you have kids or grandkids, this is for them.

Dwayne Hunn

Saturday 2 March, 2013 at 11am

At the Pacific Beach Recreation Center, 1405 Diamond St, San Diego, CA 92109

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