Feb 24 – Lifeguards, Beaches and Politics–Strange but Necessary Bedfellows

Lifeguard Tower in Ocean Beach, California
Lifeguard Tower in Ocean Beach
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, why are Lifeguards and safe clean beaches important? Join us for our February meeting to learn why it’s a political issue and what we Dems need to do about it. Ed Harris, Head Steward and spokesperson for the Lifeguard Union, Teamsters Local 911, will speak to us about the economic importance of Lifeguards and safe clean beaches, laying out a political history that explains how Republican elected politicians have failed to fight for Point Loma and the beach areas. Because of his partisan politics, Faulconer has been removed from most committees, leaving Point Loma without representation to move beach safety issues forward. Ed grew up in Orange County, married Kate Harris, a Pt. Loma native, and has two kids. He was a US Marine (1984-88), a recipient of the Medal of Valor (1998), and a San Diego Lifeguard since 1989. His current assignment is Sergeant in charge of the Rocks in La Jolla. He is Dive Team Sergeant and is certified to operate all lifeguard boats and equipment. He has spent most of his career in Ocean Beach, but has worked all the beaches. This article has additional background information

4pm-5.30pm meeting Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot Street, San Diego, CA For additional info call Ruth Rollins at (619) 222-9344

Social Time Members are encouraged to get together before this meeting starting at 3.30pm as well as adjourning after the meeting ends to the Point Break Cafe at 2743 Shelter Island Dr. on the corner of Shelter Island Dr and Shafter St.

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