Update from Martha Sullivan on San Onofre (Feb 14)

Deutsch: Das Kernkraftwerk San Onofre südlich ...
The following, written February 14, 2013, has been reposted with Martha’s permission:

A week ago, our Coalition to Decommission San Onofre (a formal Party in the CA PUC’s Investigation into the San Onofre outage), along with 2 other parties (Ruth Henricks represented by Mike Aguirre, and Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility) protested informal filings at the CPUC by Edison and SDG&E having to do with capital projects being undertaken at San Onofre exceeding $10 million.

Our Coalition, joined by Ms. Henricks, particularly objected to Edison & SDG&E spending money to “get Unit 2 ready to restart” in advance of requisite government approvals (specifically, the NRC) — a reason given in these advice letters for some of these capital expenditures.   You can read our full Protest here (PDF).

Wednesday afternoon, I received notice from the CPUC that these filings by Edison and SDG&E have been “suspended for a period of up to 120 days beginning February 14, 2013 to allow Energy Division to review” them.

This is rather significant, given that Edison argued forcefully that these are “informational filings” not subject to protest, nor presumably, any discretion by the CPUC staff.

This news MAY be more significant in conjunction with Motions our Coalition has recently joined with Ms. Henricks in the CPUC’s Investigation to compel Edison and SDG&E to file CPUC-ordered applications on the cost of the Steam Generator Replacement Project, and to cease collecting said costs in rates until the CPUC completes its requisite consideration of said applications.

In any event, we are taking the fight to Edison and SDG&E on multiple fronts!  And this is something we will want to highlight at the CPUC’s Public Participation Hearings in Costa Mesa next Thursday, Feb. 21st.  Stay tuned for more on how you can help with that.
Martha Sullivan

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