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Some of you may already be subscribers but for those who are not, Bob Jellison produces the DIRECT eZine for Democrats.

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Here are sample contents from the January 31, 2013 issue

“This anger, this outrage, I can tell you was not spontaneous,. It was staged, probably [under] the direction of the ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ James Carville himself, or somebody else. — Fox News host Sean Hannity joining Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham in promoting the theory that the secretary’s show of emotion during her exchange with Senator Johnson was a ploy to dodge tough questions. 1/23/13

“Does a child have a right to be safe in school?”. Does a law client when he goes into a law firm have a right to believe he’s safe? Does a shopper in a mall have a right to believe that she’s safe? I think so. You want to talk about rights, talk about the rights of the majority, too.” — Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) saying that people’s right to own guns comes up against other people’s right to be safe.

“Today the GOP is like the Detroit auto industry of the mid-1980s. It produces ugly cars, poorly designed and built. Worse, only legacy buyers want them.” — Reed Galen 1/30/13

“There is more work to do and our economy is facing headwinds, and that is Republicans in Congress.” — WH Press Secretary Jay Carney blaming the unexpected drop in gross domestic product last quarter on congressional Republicans, saying they introduced uncertainty into the economy with fiscal cliff brinkmanship. 1/28/13

“Yesterday we had to get rid of our guns. Today we gotta grant amnesty. … They’re running the no-huddle offense on us. We don’t even have time to catch our breath. They’re running play after play after play. We don’t even know what defense we’re gonna run. We don’t get new defensive personnel on the field. We can barely keep up.” — Rush Limbaugh 1/29/13



1. The GOP’s War on Women (Cont.)
2. Obama’s spending binge never happened
3.Democrats launch plan to turn Texas blue
4. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: The Global Warming Hoax
6. Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science
7. Ann Telnaes Animation: The Republican plan for the future
9. 201,000 in Florida didn’t vote because of long lines
10. Late Night Jokes for Dems
11. Andy Borowitz: N.R.A. Defends Right to Own Politicians
12. Mark Fiore Animation: NRA: Stand and Launch
13. Obama/Clinton 60 Minutes Interview
14. Amnesic Republicans: ‘If Only Hillary Were President…’


1. PAUL KRUGMAN: Makers, Takers, Fakers
2. LA Times Editorial: The NRA’s loose cannon
3. Adele M. Stan: Republican Says GOP Should Stop Being ‘the Stupid Party’; GOP Keeps Being Stupid
4. Matthew Yglesias: How Democrats Will Win the Budget Debate
5. Eugene Robinson: Republicans are asking the wrong questions
6. Jamelle Bouie: There are no real “reformers” in the GOP
7. Robert Reich: The GOP Crackup: How Obama is unraveling Reagan Republicanism
8. Colbert I. King: The Republican pity party


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