Eight Reasons Why Marco Rubio Is Not ‘The Republican Savior’

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Igor Volsky writing for Think Progress lays out a clear case for why Senator Rubio is not the Savior that the GOP is looking for.

…dig beyond Rubio’s newfound embrace of immigration reform, and you’ll find that the GOP’s future appears stuck in the past, as the great hope of the party still espouses many of the extreme policies voters rejected in November

  1. Refused to raise the debt ceiling
  2. Co-sponsored and voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment
  3. Signed the Norquist pledge
  4. Backed Florida’s voter purge
  5. Doesn’t believe in climate change
  6. Opposed federal action to help prevent violence against women
  7. Believes employers should be able to deny birth control to their employees
  8. Recorded robo calls for anti-gay hate group

Read the full article here.

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