Yes, He Can – 20 Progressive Executive Actions

ObamaThe Nation magazine outlines 20 ways that Obama can use his presidential power to push a progressive agenda.


  • Assemble a Commission on Climate Change
  • Direct the EPA to Regulate All Greenhouse Gases
  • Reject the Keystone Pipeline and ‘All of the Above’

Foreign Policy And National Security

  • Take Nuclear Weapons Off ‘Hair-Trigger’ Status
  • Take Cuba Off the ‘State Sponsors of Terror’ List
  • Audit the Pentagon


  • Create a National Development Bank


  • Implement ‘High Road’ Contracting
  • Grant Wage and Overtime Protections to Homecare Workers

Criminal Justice

  • Challenge the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Pardon Prisoners and Commute Unjust Sentences
  • Tell the Justice Department to Focus on High-Level Offenses


  • Stop Deporting Undocumented Parents

Reproductive Rights

  • Tell HHS to Approve Over-the-Counter Plan B for All Women
  • Reinterpret the Helms Amendment

Civil Liberties

  • Rewrite FBI Guidelines for Spying on Americans
  • Release the Legal Memos on Targeted Killings

Voting Rights

  • Modernize Voting

Money in Politics

  • Appoint New Federal Election Commissioners
  • Make Government Contractors Reveal Political Donations

Read the full article here. As the Nation Editors write – From Cuba to climate change to criminal justice, progressives must push the president to act—and forge a better future.



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