Updated Travel Advisory On Neanderthal Country

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Anthropological Background
For more than two decades the scientific consensus was that the latest possible date before the Neanderthal species became extinct was about 18,000 years ago. Now however Neanderthal remnant populations have been discovered in Washington DC and other remote locations in the United States. This species does not have fully developed brains and therefore they are unable to focus on anything except money and power. They are generally known as the Tea Party.

Total Commitment To An All White America
The remnant population is severely racist in their outlook. One only needs to look at Tea Party websites and mailing lists to discover that Tea Party activists consider President Obama to be a “coloured boy who does not know his place”. They consider the Democratic Party’s commitment to all Americans being equal to be a “betrayal of the Founding Fathers”.

When an African-American, business executive Herman Cain, became a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, Republicans considered this a major embarrassment and quickly arranged sufficient dirty tricks to force Cain out of the race.

The Sacramento Bee recently highlighted the fact that any legislation proposed by the President will be killed as soon as possible by the Tea Party controlled House. The only motivation is Republican “toxic hatred” of the President.

See Analysis: Animosity toward Obama affects immigration battle

Total Commitment To A One Party Conservative State
The Republican interest in vote fraud and their belief that only they are entitled to win elections goes back at least to the presidential election of 1876. Democratic Governor Samuel J Tilden of New York easily won both the popular and electoral votes. However the Republicans “made arrangements” with enough Democratic electors to win the final tally by one electoral vote. More recently the Republican Supreme Court installed George W Bush as President in 2000 even though Vice President Gore had won the election. Nancy Pelosi’s rapid rise to power as Speaker of the House was in part due to her famous speech accusing George W Bush of “Meeting the Constitutional definition of Treason Against the United States” because of the theft of the Florida electoral votes. But now the battle becomes yet more intense. Democrats in 2012 won the majority of votes for the House of Representatives but only 199 seats. Absurdly unfair Congressional districts drawn by Tea Party controlled Legislatures have given the GOP an artificial majority in the House. And additional mischief is threatened as Tea Party Governors are busy proposing that future presidential elections be by Congressional District rather than winner take all for the each state’s electoral votes. Mitt Romney would now be president if this “reform” had applied in the 2012 election. The Tea Party simply does not believe in the American form of government.

Exit Requirements For US Citizens
Since the United States does not have any diplomatic offices in Neanderthal Country, there is only one safe exit arrangement—“Make It Emphatic—Vote Straight Democratic!”
Robert DeVries

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Point Loma Democratic Club of which he is a member.

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