Your Action is Needed to Pass SB52 – Disclose Act

Citizens United
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There are a lot of petitions that make the rounds, but getting money out of politics is one of the most important issues we face as it effects all other political actions we attempt.

Overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision will take time, and this Californian Senate Bill is just one step to help achieve that.

Last year’s Assembly bill was passed in August, but ran out of time to make it through the Senate. SB52 is designed to:

• Lets voters know who really is paying for political ads — on the ads themselves
• Political television ads will have to clearly list their three largest funders & their logos
• Applies to all kinds of political ads, including television, radio, print advertising, & websites

SB52 needs to pass the Senate now, and it can with your help.

SB52 Petition FormDownload this PDF SB52 Petition Form, print it out and get your friends and neighbors to sign.

If you’re attending any meetings, gatherings, or Clubs print out a few sheets and hand them out.

Instructions on where to return the completed forms is printed at the bottom of each form.

Gather Endorsements If you know any prominent or elected individuals, or organizations print out an endorsement form.

Here’s a list of endorsements for the California DISCLOSE Act from last year.

Talking points and more details are available from this printable download (PDF).

Any questions, or if you need any help contact Gail Mackler by email or take a look at

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