Club Member Candidates for the 78th Assembly District Caucus

Detailed instructions on voting are here.

Derek Casady
Derek CasadyI am an active Democrat, leader of a GO Team, candidate fundraiser and President of the La Jolla Democratic Club. I believe in working for the principles and values of the Democratic party and will use time at the convention to promote grassroots organizing and plan on attending various caucuses in order to advance this mission.

Nancy Casady
Nancy CasadyI have been the Treasurer of the La Jolla Democratic Club for the past six years. I am a precinct leader for the country party GO team and I have raised money and walked precincts for many Democratic candidates. As a governor’s appointee to the California State Food and Agriculture Board, I believe I can benefit from participating at the convention in various caucuses which relate to food and water issues. I would appreciate your support.

Gail Mackler
Gail MacklerHaving been a delegate from the old 76th AD for the past two terms,  I have now been able to join the Credentials Committee of the CADEM party.  This enables San Diego to have a greater say in the Democratic state policies by having more people on the running committees.  I feel I have represented my constituency well at all four of the state conventions. It was also a great honor to serve as an Obama Delegate to the North Carolina National Democratic Convention in Sept.  It has my privilege  to provide a report on these conventions to the clubs in my district and I look forward to being able to continue my work for the Democrats in my district, my state, my county, and my country. Please consider voting for me as a Delegate from the new 78th AD!  Thank YOU.

Michael McQuary
Michael McQuaryMichael McQuary is a member of the SDCDP Central Committee, E-Board, and Director of Clubs (35 clubs).  He has served in a number of positions within the local, county and state Dem Party:  Club Sec, VP, Pres; Campaign HQ Director (2006-08-10-12), GO Team Regional Coordinator, and CDP Resolution Committee Member.  During the 2012 Election, he was Director of the San Diego Coastal Coalition of Dem Clubs (7 Dem clubs), which supported a 6 month Campaign HQs in Pacific Beach, servicing a regional area of 60,000 Dems, 512 Precincts, and 8 major communities and which helped keep San Diego Blue and win key local Dem races (100% of endorsed candidates), including Filner, Lightner, Peters, Block, Atkins, Roberts, Evans, and others.  As a member of the CDP Resolution Committee, he has played a key role in authoring and/or passing State Party Resolutions, including Single Payer Healthcare, GMO’s, Taxing Wall Street, San Onofre Nuclear Power, Occupy Movement, Military and Vet Families, Immigration, Education).  Michael is also State-wide Secretary and Board Member of the California Dem Council, where he serves to build and strengthen Dem Clubs throughout California, especially in Red areas.

Susan Peinado
Susan PeinadoI am currently secretary to the Point Loma Democratic Club and hope to be elected president in February. I worked on the GOTV team and in Las Vegas for the Obama campaign. The specific reason I want to be elected as a delegate is because I want to work for access to health care for all of us. When I was caregiver to my elderly mother, I saw how Social Security Medicare worked. Hours were spent with her in hospitals, nursing homes, with home health aides and doctors’ offices. When my husband became critically ill, I learned to navigate dialysis care, multiple doctors, hospitals, etc, but from private insurance. When he died, I experienced the agony of spending over a $1000 a month for insurance with no rxs or health issues just because the insurance company could charge it, as there was no regulation. When my son’s best friend died the next year at age 28 of an untreated asthma attack, because he had no insurance and tried to wait too long for help, I knew that this issue of healthcare had to be fixed for us all. The young are not getting jobs with benefits or salaries to pay for it. We cannot blame them for this mess. And the untreated health issues will mount and with them the costs to all parts of society.

Ruth Rollins
Ruth RollinsMy name is Ruth Rollins. I want to be an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party convention in order to participate in the party decisions that help shape the positions that we actively work for and support. Our decisions reflect the California Democrats and all candidates that file for elective office. My political activity began in Montana, where I was a precinct person, a state committee woman and president of a Democratic Woman’s Club. Since moving to San Diego, I have participated in the Point Loma Democratic Club, serving as Secretary and currently President for 4 years. I have been a Central Committee alternate for the past 2 years and was just reappointed as an alternate for District 78. The members of the Council of Clubs recently elected me as Director for 2013. I was an elected delegate for 2011/12 and ask for your vote to be reelected to the 2013/14 term. If you have questions, please contact me at pldcruth@gmail. Thank you.

Martha Sullivan
Martha SullivanMartha Sullivan co-founded the San Diego County Party’s Voter Registration Team in 2004, has been a Delegate to the CA Democratic Party since 2005, and was the Political Action Director for North County Democratic Unity from 2005 to 2007, when she co-founded the County Party’s Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team and served for two years as its North Regional Coordinator.  In 2009, she was elected as Vice Chair of the County Party for the North Area and coordinated the political activities of the SDCDP in North County through 2011.

Deval Zavari-Tabb
For the last twelve years, I have done everything I can to help elect Democrats because I believe the Democratic party represents the best path forward for our state and country. I have canvassed inside and outside of California, made hundreds of get out the vote calls, been a poll monitor, held fundraisers, and donated money to Democratic candidates. I was a delegate to the DNC in 2012, and would like to become more involved at the state level where I hope to have even more impact. I am a mother of two young children, attorney, veteran, immigrant, and wife, and hope to bring the benefit of those experiences to my job as an Assembly District Delegate. I believe in equal rights and opportunity for all, protecting the environment, supporting (especially early childhood) education, and balancing the needs of corporations and the military with the aforementioned beliefs. Thank you for your vote.

Lawrence Zynda
Lawrence ZyndaLawrence J. Zynda is an Electrical Engineering graduate form Michigan State, an IEEE member, and U.S. Air Force veteran. He’s presently the President of the Pacific Beach Democratic Club and a member of the La Jolla and Point Loma Democratic Clubs. A longtime con-conservator and caregiver for his sister he sits on the Advisory Committee for the County of San Diego In-Home Supportive Services and is Vice-President, Southern Region California In-Home Consumer Alliance. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last year.

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