Water is a Human Right!

The United Nations voted overwhelmingly that water is a human right. That resolution was opposed by private development companies, such as Bechtel that want to privatize water to add another profit center.  The United States lobbied against the resolution in support of the corporations, but failed to convince an adequate number of UN members to stop approval of this measure.  Ultimately, the United States abstained and the human right to water passed overwhelmingly.

In spite of this UN action, San Diego County is now threatened with privatization of its potable water – contrary to the internationally ratified resolution that access to water is a human right. Poseidon Resources Group, a for-profit corporation, is planning a Desalination Project in Carlsbad to provide a potable water supply for San Diego County.  This is a project that should be undertaken by the municipal government under a bond issue – not a corporation that can exploit this element of life to maximize their profits.  If we don’t mobilize against this frightening trend, water in San Diego County will be provided for maximum profit rather than for the public benefit.  Community water should be provided by local governments so that it is available to citizens at a reasonable price rather than creating excess profits to private corporations.

Turning over control of our water supply to a private profit-seeking company sets a dangerous precedent. We need to mobilize against this plan and preserve our human right to the essentials of life.  San Diego County municipalities need to step up to the plate and stand for public benefit rather than corporate profits.
Vera Moldt

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Point Loma Democratic Club of which she is a member.

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