Support for Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Ruling

Credit: Kevan Barsky

The San Diego City Council Rules Committee resolved 3-0 to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United campaign finance case.

Marti Emerald introduced the resolution which states that the right of free speech “applies to people, not corporations.”

At the council meeting to support the proposition were several Club members including Ruth Rollins, Nancy Witt, Mike Johnson, Vera Moldt, Carol Heasley and Susan Peinado. Dianne Lane, Ruth and Vera spoke to the council in support of the resolution.

Councilwoman Emerald’s proposal is backed by the League of Women Voters, the San Diego chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, California Common Cause, Democratic legislators and San Diego Mayor-elect Bob Filner.

Read more details of the meeting here.

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