Puerto Rico Votes For Statehood

San Juan Puerto Rico founded in 1508 is the oldest European City in the United States. Puerto Rico has been American territory since 1898, and Puerto Ricans have been American citizens since 1917. But it wasn’t until November 6, 2012 that the Commonwealth voted for statehood. But now that it has happened, the United States needs to quickly approve since colonialism needs to end and American security requires it. The Puerto Rico Independence Movement is active and is both strongly encouraged and financially supported by the Cuban government. Their goal of course is to create the People’s Republic of Puerto Rico.

Will statehood be approved? Very questionable. The only thing Republicans care about is political expediency. And the only thing they are seeing is five new Democratic members of the House of Representative and two new Democratic US Senators.
Robert DeVries

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  1. The results may not be as clear cut as some have suggested. Although many Puerto Ricans are not happy with the present arrangement it’s not clear from this election that they favor statehood. The ballot asked two questions and many voters chose not to answer the second part that presented multiple-choice options for statehood, independence or “sovereign free association”.

    “Statehood won a victory without precedent, but it’s an artificial victory,” Angel Israel Rivera Ortiz, a political science professor at the University of Puerto Rico said. “It reflects a divided and confused electorate that is not clear on where it’s going.”

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