Fearful Democrats Surprised By Unexpected Victories on Election Day

Many Democrats were really worried about how much damage a Romney-appointed Supreme Court could do. Then came along 303 Electoral Votes for the President Obama, and Democrats started wearing happy faces. Many Democrats and educators were predicting 50 students per classroom, but then Governor Brown and First Dog Sutter hit the campaign trail non-stop and Proposition 30 won by 717,000 votes.

Fear was almost at panic stage at the Democratic State Convention in February. Several workshops and speakers suggested that the Nation could somehow survive a President Gingrich or a President Romney, but if Proposition 32 passed, the California Democratic Party was out of business. But then the State Party and Organized Labor put their money where their fears were, and Proposition 32 lost by 1,100,000 votes.

Many Democrats have been moaning and groaning for years that we would never see another Democratic Mayor because the developers had all the money. But instead we are now warmly congratulating Mayor-Elect Bob Filner.

Unfortunately the House of Representatives stayed Tea Party, and we still don’t know who won the Scott-Peters-Brian Bilbray race. But most November 2012 Democrats are happy Democrats!
Robert DeVries

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