Congratulations, To All of Our Candidates!

Wow! Your efforts to Get Out The Vote and your support for our candidates produced a winning slate, or as the Voice of San Diego puts it on their Morning Report: Democrats Rout.

To every Club member who helped this campaign season in any way, large or small, many thanks!

Special thanks to Nancy Witt, our local GO Team coordinator. When we all work together to Get Out The Vote, we win!

You can review all of the County results on the Registrar of Voters website here. These results are unofficial, as there are still 475,000 Absentee/Provisional ballots to count.

The Sacramento Bee has good analysis of the results on their website here.

AlterNet has a good review of what went wrong for ten of the right-wing pundits yesterday here.

President                          Barack Obama
U.S. Senate                        Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Congress, District 52         Scott Peters*
State Senate, District 39          Marty Block
State Assembly, District 78        Toni Atkins

County Board of Education          Gregg Robinson
Community College Board            Bernie Rhinerson
S.D. Unified School District Board 
- District A                       John Lee Evans
- District E                       Marne Foster
Mayor of the City of San Diego     Bob Filner

* The result for the Scott Peters race in District 52 is too close to call.


  1. nancystew says

    And special thanks to our data persons John Loughlin and Susi Mitchell. John also walked 2 precincts. We had a wonderful group of precinct leaders (PLs), some doing it for the first time: Carol Archibald, David Goldberg, Mary ONeal, Linda C. Allen, Dianne Lane, Susan Sharpe, Susan Peinado, Mike Johnson, Joan Fulton, Gloria Johnson, Saghir Shaikh, Mel Mackler, Vic Heasley, Laurie Slade, and Janet Spiro. Returning veteran PLs were Gail Mackler, Carol Heasley, Elayne Berman (who did her own data input), Dan and Joy Meyer, Cal Jones, Rick Callejon, Maggie Roarke, Maggie Locke, Janice Sapsis, Judy McKeever, Beth Appenzeller, Jeff Ghelardi, Dave Zegler, Becky Hostetter, and myself. Together, we knocked on more than 3000 doors and canvassed 9000 people.
    John is so right when he stated “When we all work together to get out the vote, we win.”
    Thanks so much to my team who rose to the task.


  2. Nancy, a good team is nothing without a good leader to pull it together and get the best out of it. You and Stu were calm always. Even during the chaos of remodeling, you kept us focused, supported and appreciated. Thanks must go to you, too, because leadership is a skill that seems effortless when done well and easily goes unnoticed by those being lead.


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