Every Voice Should Be Heard, Not Just the Loudest

Michigan Live reports that Jennifer C. Douglas the documentary filmmaker who wrote and co-produced the documentary “Save KLSD” will be talking about her film at the Riverside Saginaw Film Festival later this month.

Douglas is a champion of balance in media and critical of the lack of a progressive radio station in a city the size of San DIego.

“San Diego is a case study of a national situation,” she said. “The act in 1996 that allowed companies to own an infinite number of stations is the biggest factor in changing the dynamics. Local is good, and it’s best if you have programming that expands the range of views.”

Why is that 90 per cent of the talk shows are conservative on the ‘public’ airwaves?

“Our local radio stations, now owned by large corporations, are becoming syndicated and national in their scope, making it very hard for local content to break through,” Douglas said.

“Right now, our most thoughtful content comes from ‘The Colbert Show’ and ‘The Daily Show.’ We’re informed while being humored.”

Read the full article at Michigan Live here.

Jennifer lives in San Diego with her husband and two children.

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