Our Endorsed Candidate For Mayor Speaks Out

Arts and Culture

As mayor, his dedication to Arts at a local and national level would strengthen San Diego as a leading community for the creation and celebration of world-class art.


To bring San Diego into the 21st century, Bob recognizes we need to rejuvenate our economy. Bob is committed to turning our port into a global maritime center. With our near-endless amount of sunshine, Bob sees San Diego’s renewable energy potential by harnessing the public sector to create demand for solar power.

Education–Building San Diego’s Future: Youth

Local government in San Diego treats a young person as three different people. The City of San Diego views a young person through the lens of public safety, libraries and recreation facilities; the county deals with health, social service and delinquency issues; and our schools are responsible for educating students. Each agency works within silos, seldom working together. This results in a lack of coordination and gaps in program delivery in many parts of the city.


Bob knows that the strength of San Diego lies in our communities. As Mayor, Bob will return power to the neighborhoods and the locals who best know the issues. Bob wants to turn the Centre City Development Corporation (“CCDC”) into a Neighborhood Investment Corporation, so we can start getting money into the neighborhoods and stop using public money to subsidize private profits in downtown

Chargers Stadium

Like every good San Diegan, Bob loves the Chargers. But when the city can’t afford to keep libraries open or fix potholes, there are limited reasons to give almost a billion dollars of taxpayer money to build a private stadium. As Mayor, Bob will be a tough negotiator with the Chargers, on behalf of all San Diegans.

The San Diego we all love is at a crossroads. Which way will we go? We have a number of choices – but what I know for sure is that we can’t go back. We must move forward. How do we do that? Bob Filner for Mayor!

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Robert DeVries

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Point Loma Democratic Club of which he is a member.

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