S.D. County Tilts Democratic Days Before Voting Begins

In what may be the largest month-to-month voter registration shift between San Diego County’s political parties since the 2008 election, Democrats jumped nearly 4,000 votes ahead of Republicans countywide in September — a key sign of momentum for Democratic candidates just before many ballots hit mailboxes next week.

Last month California Secretary of State Debra Bowen launched a website at http://registertovote.ca.gov/ where Californians can sign up to vote online for the first time ever. More than 100,000 people registered on the site during the first week it was introduced in September.

“While some states are making it harder to register and participate in this election, in California it’s easier than ever for eligible voters to make their voices heard,” said Jess Durfee, Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party. “In San Diego, we’re already seeing our countywide majority of voters grow, and we plan to turn that into a countywide majority of votes for Democrats on November 6.”

For more information, please contact Jess Durfee at (619) 750-5377 or chair@sddemocrats.org

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