July 14 – Stop the Raging War on Women, Anne Hoiberg

The Summer Event presentation at the San Diego Democratic Coastal HQ, 1946 Balboa Ave, SD 92109 is by Anne Hoiberg at 11am on Saturday 14 July (postponed from 7th). “Stop the Raging War on Women,” includes a discussion of

  • the legislation being passed in too many states that restricts family planning and legal abortions
  • the challenges faced by women to achieve equality in the workforce, on the airwaves, and in public office

Women still make, on the average, only 77 percent of what men make for full-time positions. Only 12 women are listed on the Fortune 500 list of CEO’s, and only three women are listed as part of San Diego’s 100 highest paid CEO’s. Women voices are seldom heard in the media and talk shows on the critical issues. The number of women running for elected office is declining in California.

Anne Hoiberg is a prolific author (130 book chapters, articles, and reports), outstanding speaker (90 presentations), recipient of numerous awards (local, state and national), past president of a number of organizations, and recently inducted into the San Diego
County Women’s Hall of Fame. She currently serves as President of Women’s Museum of California and International Museum of Human Rights at San Diego, and she is a member of the Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Children Cardre of Experts for the American Psychological Association.

RSVP by contacting Michael McQuary by phone (858-752-9544) or email.

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