MoveOn Members Overwhelmingly Endorse Lori Soldaña for 52nd District

MoveOn and its seven million progressive members nationwide have endorsed Lori Saldaña!

Here’s the e-mail the MoveOn team sent out to their members:

The results are in: MoveOn members in California’s new 52nd Congressional District voted overwhelmingly to endorse Lori Saldaña in the primary for the U.S. House.

Lori has been a tireless champion for the 99% — fighting to create green jobs, protect the environment, and guarantee equality for all Californians while in the Assembly — and her grassroots campaign is inspiring progressives across the district.

Mary Lou, a MoveOn member in San Diego, voted to endorse Saldaña because she’s “a strong advocate for equality, immigrants’ rights, and women.”

Kimberly says, “Lori is grassroots all the way, with door-to-door campaigning and support from all the Democratic clubs in San Diego County. She was a state legislator for six years and has always been about standing up for the people.”

On the other hand, many MoveOn members wrote of their concerns about Saldaña’s primary opponent, Scott Peters. Kayla, a MoveOn member in San Diego, ruled out Peters because he “has openly stated that he supports cutting vital social programs such as Social Security and Medicare.”

When Lori, who received 71% of all the votes cast in the six-candidate field, heard about the endorsement, she said:

I am grateful to have the support of MoveOn’s tens of thousands of members throughout San Diego who have expressed their faith in my progressive, grassroots campaign. This campaign is about more than an election in November. It’s about people working together to take back government for the middle class and supporting those who aspire to join the middle class. MoveOn’s endorsement will be a tremendous help in getting me to Washington and I look forward to working with MoveOn’s members in the months ahead.

Vote-by-mail ballots begin arriving in mailboxes next week, and many voters in the district may not know about Saldaña’s amazing record, or that Scott Peters thinks cutting the deficit is more important than protecting Social Security and Medicare, so we need to get the word out Lori Saldaña is the only choice for progressives.

Lori is running a true grassroots campaign — not one powered by big money — and she needs volunteers to help get the word out about her campaign.

You can join the campaign for a “superwalk” this weekend by calling (858) 278-1424, or sign up to volunteer HERE.

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