An Interview With Lori Saldana, Candidate For The New Congressional District 52

Lori SaldañaRuth: What do you think this election is about?
Lori:  If you paid attention to the coverage, you’d think it was about parties and personalities. Who is up? Who is down? Who has a Million Dollars? But if you look around, you will realize it is really about middle class families. Extremists in Washington have been dismantling the policy infrastructure that allowed the greatest expansion of the Middle Class in our history. The Ryan Act and attempts to privatize Social Security and ‘reform’ Medicare are only the latest assaults. Americans are sliding out of the Middle Class at an alarming rate, as a result of policies supported by Brian Bilbray and the other Republicans.

Ruth: What do you think needs to happen to help the economy move forward?
Lori: For the long term, we need to recommit to investing in increasing access to affordable quality higher education and vocational training programs. Let me be clear about the term ‘investment’. It is not empty spending: it is allocating resources with the aim of seeing a return on that investment. The GI Bill was a public investment that gave millions of Americans access to higher education. The return on that investment was the phenomenal prosperity in the decades after WWII. That was also an investment in our security. California established a set of public colleges and universities. That was an investment that helped transform California into one of the top 10 economies in the world.

Ruth: What is your philosophy of governing?
Lori: First, people expect their elected officials to do things, not just collect a check. Bilbray enjoys all of the benefits of elected office, but his constituents have nothing to show for it. Voters elect people to solve problems, especially now. As an elected official, your decisions need to be based on what is best for the health, security and prosperity of your constituents. It is not to be an obstructionist with no positive solutions. I believe in transparency and accountability. Policies need to be given a public hearing and special interests should not be able to sneak something into a bill without any public input.

Ruth: How do you think you will win this election?
Lori: I believe I will win on my record of working on behalf of my constituents. You can look at my record on access to affordable healthcare, on Green Job creation, on seniors, on education, on veterans, on equality. These are issues people care about and I am the only candidate who has a record of keeping faith on these issues. This campaign will be what all of my campaigns have been about: talking to people and listening to their concerns. We will talk about what matters to them; the economy, the prospects for their children enjoying a middle class life, access to affordable healthcare and higher education.

Ruth: Lori, let me congratulate you on wining the endorsement of the 11th geographic Club in the new district, La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club with 90% of the vote. And for your front runner status in the recent independent polls and on Emily’s List, Run Women Run, and your many other endorsements. On to June and then November!

Ruth Rollins

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