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Democratic Unity and the Mayoral Runoff Election

SD_Dems_logosdcdp_1After Tuesday’s special mayoral election in San Diego, County Democratic Party Chair Francine Busby issued the following statement:

“While ballots are still being counted, we are very optimistic that our endorsed Democratic candidate for Mayor of San Diego, David Alvarez, has advanced to win a place in the runoff election.

“It’s clear why public support for the David surged in recent weeks as voters got to know him better. After a divisive and tumultuous year for the city, David has run a positive, progressive, well-organized campaign. He has reached out to communities that are too rarely represented in our politics. He has inspired hundreds of volunteers from every neighborhood and walk of life to join his team.

“Most importantly, David Alvarez has outlined a vision for the future that’s worthy of San Diego and its residents. We were proud to endorse him, and we are certainly proud of him today.

“The San Diego County Democratic Party supported David’s campaign with extensive communications with Democrats throughout the city – in the mail, on the phones, and door-to-door. We are committed to electing him now so he can deliver on his commitment to putting the people of this city first as Mayor.

“I call on all Democrats to unite behind David Alvarez, no matter who they might have backed in the primary. The Democratic candidates on the ballot last night collectively won more votes than the Republican candidate. If we focus on our goals and work together, we will win the runoff and elect the next Democratic Mayor of San Diego.”


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